In Dolly’s “Beginnings” books, love, tolerance, and forgiveness are her prescriptions for healing, learned from her own experiences. You don’t have to be a poetry lover to enjoy and understand her “Beginnings” books.
Dolly’s children’s books help to strengthen loving family bonds.

Dolly gives lectures on healing from different kinds of pain, from abuse to losing family members. E-mail for more information.

Dolly’s vignettes of people, times, and turning points in her life give meaning and hope to our struggles. From personal relationships to global issues of prejudice and hate, she gives healing words to help others heal from traumatic events in their lives—loss of loved ones, abuse, emotional traumas.

“I thoroughly enjoyed your book...” Florence Henderson, Singer and Actress

    A beautifully illustrated book especially suited to bed time or nap time for babies and preschool children.

    The story is a sweet lullaby which can be read as a story or sung as a song. Dolly composed the lovely music for this lullaby. The book includes written music for piano and voice in the back of the book. Guitar chords are included.

WHAT HOLDS THE FAMILY TOGETHER is a book for sharing with the entire family about connecting in love with family and with members of different cultures within the community. Beautiful illustrations depict the loving connection of family members with each other and neighbors of the community.

    Reading and enjoying this book with your family helps everyone to learn the simple secrets of keeping family bonds strong by treating others with love and respect.

    In this book the author uses an engaging method of comparing the structure of the body to the family to illustrate how the members of a family can participate in keeping the family loving and strong--sure to hold the interest of young readers and listeners!

    Teaching family values—Teachers like to use this book in the classroom. Homeschooling—an opportunity to integrate family values with reading practice!

“...Dolly speaks of God, healing, pain, scars, forgiveness, prejudice, feelings, death and love. In New Beginnings, Dolly shares with us intimate details of her childhood, early adult life, marriage and husband...and the trials and tribulations of living that life. More importantly, Dolly teaches us the strength and serenity that can come from the growth derived from these experience...” —Richard Fuller, Senior Editor and Book Reviewer.  Read more...

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You Can Begin Again is the third poetry book of award-winning

poet Dolly Braida’s “Beginnings Series.” In the last four parts of this

book Dolly mainly chronicles the years from 1995 to the present,

through good times and bad, from her move from San Francisco to

Windsor and then to Vacaville, California, and from the time of her

husband’s retirement, through his illness, to his death and her new

beginning alone. She shares her happiness, her problems, and her

grief, and her steps to return to happiness. She shares her beliefs and

events in her life as seen through the eyes of maturity and experience.


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    “The main reason I wrote this book is to help people to be less afraid of death and life in the hereafter. I also wanted to write about a few things going on in the world today. I hope my book will get people talking about the problems we are having in this country and the world today and maybe we can start doing something about them. I also wanted to pay tribute to and to thank the people who made a difference in my life. This is the 4th book in my Beginnings Series. I hope you will enjoy it and also get something from reading it to help you in some way.”