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Book Review
By Bernie Nelson, Senior Editor


    “From her heart and soul, Dolly has brought into being inspired, transcendent poetry for everyday living. The insightful theme of From Sad Beginnings to Happy Endings, and New Beginnings provides us with an outstanding model for self-help to heal toward forgiveness from abuse and from other pains of life, and to help stop prejudice.

    “Imagine, at one’s fingertips a meaningful poem for each of the seasons, different emotional states of mind, family and special milestones such as courtship, wedding, honeymoon, and marriage.  Additionally, poetry on controversial issues, our world today, each holiday, sexuality, addiction, youth, infidelity and many more unique categories are explored in From Sad Beginnings to Happy Endings.

    “Discover an inspirational perspective about the millennium on Page 5 of Dolly’s second book of poetry, New Beginnings. While reading it, this reviewer experienced fresh realizations about innermost feelings and relationships. The work majestically stands on the threshold of changing concepts -- from God to Adam and Eve to grandparents, parents, children, and onward to many more issues. Dolly is not reticent about revealing personal past mistakes, mistakes anyone can make, and providing guidance out of the night into the dawn of New Beginnings.

    “Carefully blended and designed to stop prejudice and heal toward forgiveness, From Sad Beginnings to Happy Endings and New Beginnings harmoniously merge to create a nova burst of heightened awareness and enjoyment for any reader.”

What Readers Say:

Beginnings Books

     “...I so thoroughly enjoyed your book...” 

         Florence Henderson, Actress and Singer

    “I want to thank Dolly for putting parts of her life story in her book for people to read, for it took great courage. Parts of it brought back memories of my own life. I do hope that many young women will have the chance to read and learn. She is a very gifted writer.”

         Anni Bunge, teacher and grandmother

     “In 26 years of marriage I have never seen my husband pick up a book to read for pleasure. But since your book arrived, he has not put it down.”

          Debbie Pellegrini

     “Dolly writes about so many aspects of life simply and interestingly... The book is both thought provoking and fun... the kind of poetry most people can relate to... She speaks from the heart.”

        Molli Nagel, Author

     “Dolly’s writing is wonderful and unique. I can see that she put her total self into writing her story. This took courage!”

            Sister Patricia Anne, Teacher and Retired Principal

     “Dolly’s book came alive where her autobiography came into focus. Her thoughts and words just rolled---- they were powerful. It was almost as if one person wrote the first half and another person wrote the second half of the book. I didn’t want to put her book down."

            Elaine Westreich, Mother & Grandmother

     “Dolly’s book was very enjoyable. Even my English teacher liked her book when I gave it to her to read. I hope her book is a great success, for it should be.”

          Frances Corkill, teenager and student

    “Your Beginnings Trilogy books are extremely fantastic!”

          Al Lovi — Husband, Father, Grandfather, & Artist

You Can Begin Again

    “In Dolly’s new book, You Can Begin Again,  I was reminded, that while the past is a valuable teacher, we cannot “rewind the clock.”  We must live in the present, and realize that weakness and faults do not necessarily define us. The book also helps people who are going through the grieving process.

    “By telling her story throughout her Beginnings Trilogy, the author helps the reader understand who she is, and the struggles and obstacles that life had thrown her way. She introduces us to some of the people in her life and the part they played in her journey. Dolly talks about her spiritual side and explains how she feels about God’s love. The sharing of very personal struggles, not only from childhood but throughout her life, is truly amazing. 

    “Through her books the author makes us aware that we have the real ability “To Begin Again,” to prevail over obstacles, and win our battles even when things look dark and hopeless.

     An inspiring book!”

               Betty Phillips — Widow, Wife, & Mother

    “I have enjoyed reading your wonderful book, You Can Begin Again.  It is awesome, awesome. It gives peace of mind, knowing you can begin again.

    “It is also a beautiful tribute to your husband, Art.

    “I will recommend your book to my family and friends.” 

              Alma Smith — Wife, Mother, & Poet


    “Your book You Can Begin Again is the greatest book I read after the death of my husband a year and six months ago. I have read your wonderful book over and over again. It has taught me to move on and not be sad.  

    “It is awesome and well written. I am glad my sister Faye ordered You Can Begin Again for me. Thank you for your helpful words.”

            Dorothy Robbins — Widow & Mother


    “In her book You Can Begin Again Dolly shares with us the latest part of her life experiences. We learn how she faced the challenges of losing her husband of many years and moving to a new location. By sharing her strength and wisdom she gives us the encouragement to realize that new beginnings are possible.”

           Florence Richardson — Wife, Mother, & Grandmother

    “I enjoyed your book, You Can Begin Again. I kept it on my night stand so I could read it the last thing before I fell asleep. There are lots of wonderful insights. Keep on writing.”

          Shirley Hancock — Wife, Mother, & Grandmother

What Holds the Family Together

    “The book is great! I love how you relate the family with the different parts of the body. It is written so that children can understand it, and the illustrations are well done.”

           Florence Richardson —wife and mother

   “In your family book your words are very meaningful and the pictures are lovely. It is a book that not only describes the family and teach children about the family but also about the different functions of the body. It is a book that the whole family can and should read together.”

          Francis Miller — Teacher

Sleep, My Sweet Baby

    “My daughter and I read your book and listened to your tape and enjoyed them both very much!”

        LeeZa Gibbons — Talk Show Host

    “Dolly, I think both your book and tape are just lovely! They are darling, and I have not seen anything to compare with your combination.”

         Frances Miller —Teacher

    “My two daughters love your book and have to listen to your tape two or three times before going to sleep. My older girl has already memorized the song.”

         Sylvia Becerra — Wife and Mother